Spring cycling

Despite election and Brexit angst and the financial uncertainty this causes, we’ve had a steady stream of customers wanting to improve their cycling skills. Most appreciate our greater experience in delivery over the numerous cheap and free courses, you do get what you pay for! We continue to run our popular professional maintenance courses, beginner training and Bikeability lessons. We also offer group bike rides since last year to encourage the less confident cyclist to get out there on their bikes!

Circuitous Sustrans

Just returned from a picturesque and enlivening Coast to Coast mini holiday from Cumbria to Tynemouth with Bike For Life colleague John Clinton. I have an ambivalent attitude to Sustrans, having just sampled many of their routes on this ride. On the one hand, Sustrans makes ways that encourage biking on traffic free routes and peace prevails. I found that the predominant ethic, however, is to get us cyclists away from traffic at any cost, often necessitating detours on lengthy, hilly and badly maintained narrow paths and roads. Route 71 took us to Penrith from The Irish Sea and it was arduous compared with the relatively straight and level main roads. Maybe more cycle training in the form of Bikeability would enable cyclists to feel confident riding in traffic; and some measures to reduce speeds and car numbers would also help!

Summer cycling fun

Now summer has finally arrived with a 30 C day on the 19th July, we may all enjoy the heat and be encouraged to cycle more often.

We have our thrice yearly affordable group cycling course on the 20th and 27th August in Preston Park which covers all three levels of Bikeability road safety training. Sure to make you a better and more confident rider!

We have also started social group rides this month which are lead by one of our qualified instructors. These are intended to be fully supportive for the less confident and average cyclist who would appreciate some cycling advice and help. An easy cycling route is undertaken with an obligatory cafe stop for  socialising, coffee and a cake!

Our bike mechanics courses are running as usual and we are full up for our current July dates. The next one is in September. Always very popular, we have a new light and spacious venue in Kemptown.

Enjoy the sunny weather!





Spring is here

The winter at Bike For Life has been unusually busy thanks to plenty of Bikeability work through the council who procured a grant from central government to cover the costs. We’ve been able to keep six trainers busy and have trained up many people to be competent cyclists.

We’re now embarking on our regular popular cycle mechanics courses at our new light and spacious venue in Kemptown. We continue to offer a professional certificate course for those wishing to enter the trade or for the keen amateur.

We continue to run our popular Dr Bike services for companies who want to encourage their employees to cycle more, completing a three day session this week at  Brighton Uni.

Our three times per year group Bikeability sessions are booked for the half term on the 28th May and 6th June. These take you through all three levels of Bikeability at an affordable price and ensure you’re a far better cyclist on completion!

Spring is here so let’s all get on our bikes!